Battle of the Bands 2011 Round 2 Winner Gravitas

Hard Rock Cafe Boston, February 13, 2011

2011 Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands round 2 winnner: Gravitas

Gravitas was originally formed as a two-piece blues progressive rock band in January of 2010 by guitarist Garrett Smith and former drummer Kevin Love. Garretts virtuosity in guitar playing and composition, as well as Kevin's energetic drumming made them a hit in the New England rock and roll scene within a short amount of time.

In April 2010 bassist Peter Hung and vocalist Omri Levi joined the band making Gravitas sound more refined and complete. In September 2010 Kevin was replaced with Elton Charles, one of the most sought after studio drummers / audio engineers within Berklee college of music. With the combined benefit of these energetic and hungry performers, Gravitas has attacked the local scene with force. This Line-up has been garnering considerable attention due to their unique sound and their contagious live performances. Within that time Gravitas has played many popular venues such as Copperfield, and All Asia and booked future venues and events such as The Church, Great Scotts, and Guitar Con 2011.

The bands biggest influences are Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, GNR, and Robert Johnson. Yet they blend the obvious classic rock influences into a unique style that still remains peerless in the New England Rock N Roll scene. The band has recently recorded a seven-song demo, which is currently being played on notable Internet radio stations such as Radio UK Intl. They are anticipating a professional EP release in foreseeable future. Gravitas is a sonic force not to be reckoned with.

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Battle of the Bands Round 2 Judges

David Bieber, Boston Phoenix
James Montgomery, James Montgomery Band
Lizzie Borden, Lizzie Borden and the Axes

Battle of the Bands Round 2 Competetors

The Townies
Richard James

The Hard Rock Cafe Boston, 22-24 Clinton St., Boston, MA 02109.

Final Round Judges

Ernie Boch Jr., Boch Enterpises, Music Drives Us Foundation, Ernie and the Automatics
Kate Hutcheson, Warner Music
Paul Nelson, RCA Records
Paul Geary, Azoff Management

Final Round Competetors

Round 1 Winner: The Metal Band Amadis
Round 2 Winner: Gravitas
Round 3 Winner: In Like Lions
Wildcard: The Richard James Band
Wildcard: Jackson Wetherbee Band
Boston's Final Round Winner

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