Foundation Philosophy

Music Drives Us

Music Drives Us is a New England non-profit organization supplying grants to music programs designed to effect positive change for people of all ages. The Foundation seeks out organizations and individuals interested in using music as a tool to better the lives of people in all segments of society.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an efficacious and valid treatment for individuals who have psychosocial, affective, cognitive, and communicative needs. Research results and clinical experiences attest to the viability of music therapy, even in those who are resistive to other treatment approaches. Music is a form of sensory stimulation that provokes responses due to the familiarity, predictability and feelings of security associated with it. Music therapy for clients with mental health concerns uses musical interaction as a means of communication and expression. The aim of music therapy is to help individuals develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to with words.

(American Music Therapy Association, Inc. 2012)

Music Education

Music Drives Us seeks out worthy scholarship recipients in the New England area to receive monetary scholarships for music camps, programs, and schools. Music Drives Us is also supporting public schools that are suffering from devastating budget cuts in order to help encourage music programs to remain in these schools.

Scholarship recipients are required to commit to a set number of hours of musical instruction to younger students each month, thus ensuring that a new generation of musicians has access to quality education and increasing awareness of the benefits of music.

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Music Enrichment

Funding for New England school music programs allows for exposure to music at an early age, thus increasing awareness of the benefits of music.

By providing exposure to children at an early age through free concerts and school music programs, the benefits music enrichment brings to our culture can continue to impact future generations.

Music Drives Us