Music Enrichment

Music Enrichment Finding #1

Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits and that lead to effective study and work habits. An association of music and math has, in fact, long been noted. Creating and performing music promotes self-expression and provides self-gratification while giving pleasure to others. In medicine, increasing published reports demonstrate that music has a healing effect on patients. For all these reasons, it deserves strong support in our educational system, along with the other arts, the sciences, and athletics.

— Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., Leading Heart Surgeon, Baylor College of Music.

Music Enrichment Finding #2

For every generation, music has been a life long gift and passion and one of the few gifts we can give that will last a lifetime. Our children can be given the skills and the tools to write, play and create music throughout their entire lives, allowing them to express themselves, communicate and share with others through song and heightening their awareness and learning capabilities in a way that carries over into everything they do.

— 2011

Music Enrichment Finding #3

Cooperative music-making and performance, in the case of many of these young people, is a tool for rehabilitation, therapy and personal development. Working together develops leadership and group work skills, while building self-confidence and a sense of identity. One of our objectives is to foster leadership skills that will empower participants to share the information they receive with their friends and families. This will ultimately result in lasting, measurable change in their families and communities.

— 2013

Music Enrichment Finding #4

Music enrichment isn't just about developing superstars. It's about capturing a child's imagination and giving them a healthy outlet for their energy. Very young children are able to express themselves musically even if they aren't capable of doing that vocally. They grow emotionally as well as with their physical command of music the more they are exposed to it and the more they are encouraged to experiment and play with it.

— Aug. 2011

Music Drives Us