Boch Rock Facts

A Cool Collection of Rock 'n' Roll Memories by Ernie Boch, Jr.

Boch Rock Facts: A Cool Collection of Rock 'n' Roll Memories

Music has always been a real passion in Ernie's life, so when a Boston radio station asked him to write a weekly, one minute, "Rock Fact," he was intrigued by the idea.

When the Boston Herald asked to print it each week, he just couldn't say no.

So ever since 2006, he has been having fun writing these weekly rock factoids about the etymology of bands, icons, pop fads, myths, and evolving musical genres.

It's pretty challenging to cover one specific topic in just sixty seconds, but Ernie sure had a lot of fun trying.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a compilation of random anecdotes, weird facts and historical moments that helped shape that magical musical mosaic we all call…Rock 'n' roll.

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