Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 1 Winner: Under Atoms

Hard Rock Rising 2012: The Global Battle of the Bands Boston, March 4, 2011

Hard Rock Rising 2012, Global Battle of the Bands
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 2 | Under Atoms

Once upon a long time ago in a galaxy somewhere in New England, Under Atoms (the band formerly known as UNDER ADAMS) saw its meager beginnings in a simple bass player's basement. Times were tough, the beer was warm, but we've held it together for many years.

Several years and a relocation of basements later, Under Atoms, now thrives somewhere near the shores of Salisbury, admiring the albatross and making beautiful music together. We have seen the other side of the tunnel and want to buy some real estate there so that our dedicated following can stop by and party with us until the penguins come home.

Along the way, Under Atoms has been grateful to have been able to play at a few different places like the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafe--both in Boston--as well as The Grog up in Newburyport.

To their faithful listeners: they have plans in the works for more gigs and another recording.

Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 3

Join us on at the Hard Rock Cafe, Boston on March 19, 2012, for the third of three qualifying rounds in our worldwide battle of the bands! There will be performances by:

  • Last One Out
  • M Dwizzy
  • Stealing Gadsby
  • Paul Alexander

Help us send one of our Boston bands to London for the chance of a lifetime — peforming live in Hyde Park at Hard Rock Calling!

Hard Rock Rising 2012 Winners

Hard Rock Rising Round 1 Winner: Notoriety
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 2 Winner: Under Atoms
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 3 Winner: Last One Out

Final Battle

Hard Rock Rising 2012: Final Battle
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