Music News: Modeling for a Cause Donates to MDU

Roxbury Community College Video Club June 25, 2012

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Modeling for a Cause is a collaborative production that was started by the Roxbury Community College Video/Audio Club in 2010. It is comprised of a group of individuals who strive towards fashion, music production, cultural diversity, and community involvement. The premise of Modeling for a Cause is the belief that the visual arts and fashion, in particular, should work as a vehicle for promoting social change throughout the community. Modeling for a cause promotes ethnic and cultural diversity through event production with a focus on scholarship, self-esteem building, professional advancement, personal enrichment and lifelong learning. Modeling for a Cause provided a sizable donation to Music Drives Us.

Special Thanks to

Justin A. Petty, Department Chair/Club Advisor
Tashanea Whitlow, Video/Audio Club President
Loren Lewis-Peters, M4AC Coordinator
Brit Johnson, M4AC Coordinator
James McGruder, M4AC Coordinator
Christian Williams, Club Member
Farad Roberson, Club Member
Charel Murrell, Club Member
Daniel Villanueva, Club Member
Dalino Houston, Club Member
Milton Samuels - RCC Marketing Dept.

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